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KEYSS aim Connecting the physical world to the digital realm, our IoT services pave the way for a smarter future. We architect scalable IoT solutions that bridge devices.

Why choose us

Why Choose KEYSS As IOT Services Solution Partner?

Choosing KEYSS as an IoT services solution partner offers more than just the expertise of a company. KEYSS understands your product beyond its technical aspects; they comprehend its significance within the market, its potential impact on users, and the intricate relationship between technology and consumer needs. KEYSS operates not just as a service provider but as a collaborator dedicated to aligning their IoT solutions with your product’s vision. Their approach combines technical proficiency with a deep appreciation of your product’s value proposition, ensuring that their IoT services are tailored to enhance and elevate the overall product experience. 

Here are some reasons why someone might consider KEYSS: –


IOT Services We're Offering

We offer solutions that meet the industry standards and your business requirement.

IoT Strategy and Consulting

Assisting in developing a roadmap for IoT adoption and implementation

Hardware and Sensor Integration

Connecting physical devices and sensors to gather data. 

IoT Analytics:

Analyzing the data generated by IoT devices for insights and optimization. 


Hardware and Device Development

Designing and creating IoT devices and sensors tailored to specific needs, ensuring connectivity and functionality.

IoT Platform Development

Building platforms that enable device management, data collection, analysis, and visualization for businesses to manage their IoT ecosystem effectively. 

Security Solutions

Providing security protocols and solutions to safeguard IoT devices, networks, and data against cyber threats and breaches. 

Latest work

Delivering First-Class IOT Services

KEYSS was born in 2006. Since then, we’ve worked with over a hundred digital products to create better experiences. We’ve formed a practical design and development experience by working with leading product teams and use it to this day to help them become design-driven and create a measurable impact. 


Our Process for IoT services

Idea Conceptualization

Requirements Gathering




Monitoring and Maintenance

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